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Friends of Newton Centre

For the preservation and enhancement of the historic village of Newton Centre, Massachusetts

Traffic Signs and Safety for Kids
A great resource with informative and useful traffic safety information.
This link was suggested by a student researcher in Newton Public Schools.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety for All Ages
A comprehensive resource on safety measures and rules of the road
(Thanks to a Boy Scout Troop for this suggestion )

Traffic Calming 101 - Project for Public Spaces

MGA CH 89 Sec. 11 Law of the Road

Signal Timing for Pedestrians - California MTA desciribes why "pedestrian scramble" causes problems for the blind

Raised crosswalks on Woodland near Laselle College - one - two - three

Walkinginfo.org - Pedestrian and Cycling Information Center is extremely useful, comprehensive site. Includes safety statistics, enforcement tips and many specific suggestions for pedestrian-friendly streets including:
Crosswalks, Crossing Enhancements, Sign and Signals, same - and lots more

Safe Routes to School

Drive 25

Wikipedia on Diagonal Crossings

Diagonal Crosswalk in Tokyo

Better Crosswalk Pavement Marking

Brookline: The ENTIRE intersection is raised slightly to protect pedestrians. There is a school nearby. This photo shows the area under construction and incomplete. Note the arrows on the incline. This incline does not impede snowplows or emergency vehicles and is very gradual. This intersection uses stop signs but it is also used with stop lights. Note the lit bollards marking the crosswalk, wich is paved in brick-pattern concrete.

Wellesley: Shows bumpouts on both sides of the crosswalk, bollards with lights marking both sides of the crosswalk entrance from the sidewalk, and brick pavement outlined with white painted lines marking the crosswalk itself. Note the nice pavement detail used to mark the area of slope from the sidwalk to the street level. The whole thing is neat and organized.

This is how Brookline marks an intersection. Note the $100 fine and legal citation. In addition to being more visible this sign indicates that the city really means it and intends to protect pedestrians. The citation from MGL a really good idea, because Massachusetts has odd traffic laws which do not conform to standards used in most states and citing the code makes enforcement much easier (and less likely to be ignored).


This is the same raised intersection. It shows how Brookline bumps out the corners with paint for very little money. (It also shows beautiful stone benches and refuse baskets which are both attractive and clean.)

And for your amusement:

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