"There will be growth in the Spring" - Chauncy Gardener

Friends of Newton Centre

For the preservation and enhancement of the historic village of Newton Centre, Massachusetts

Who We Are

We are residents, merchants, business owners, employees, shoppers, visitors and anyone else who loves Newton Centre and wishes to preserve it's historic village character. Many of us grew up in the village. Others moved here to live and raise families. Some live elsewhere in Newton and others live far away but have enduring ties to the village from the past. The Friends of Newton Centre welcomes all who share our vision. Please join us.

Friends of Newton Centre started in 2006 as a spinoff of Group One of the Newton Centre Task Force. During the extensive research done by the NCTF and in particular Group One, if seemed to many that the information could be used immediately to improve the existing village and also that Newton Centre residents and merchants have a long history of citizen participation and advocacy. Friends of Newton Centre became a coalition of immediate abutting residents of the village commercial area (within 1/4 mile ) along with the many small businesses.

We currently maintaining a garden in front of the former Scottrade location, and improving landscaping at numerous other locations.

Friends of Newton Centre works closely with another long-standing group: the Association of Residents of Newton Centre Village (ARNCV).

Another major focus concerns improving pedestrian safety in the village with pedestrian crossings in several dangerous locations, such the intersections of Langley and Beacon and Centre and Beacon and other crossing points.

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