"There will be growth in the Spring" - Chauncy Gardener

Friends of Newton Centre

For the preservation and enhancement of the historic village of Newton Centre, Massachusetts

Newton Centre Task Force Information
NCTF meetings are tape recorded. To hear the tapes, contact Theresa Park at (617)796-1141

It is very important that Friends of Newton Centre members (and others who care about Newton Centre) attend meetings of the NCTF. Monthly meetings are open to the public. Friends of Newton Centre has requested specific changes to the process currently in place. Please click here to read the Petition Request dated April 26, 2006, from Friends of Newton Centre to NCTF

Next Meeting: September 9, 2006
Newton Free Library, 9:30 AM

Agenda - Review proposals from Group1, Group 2, and Group3

Newton Centre Task Force Notice of June 14, 2006: Joining a Subcommittee

NCTF Agenda Page - here.

Newton Centre Task Force Members

Partial Bios of NCTF Members provided by the City of Newton

F. Gerard Adams (Jerry Adams)

Ray Ciccolo

Alderman Victoria Danberg Contact Info

Charles Eisenberg

John Furst

Andrew Gottlieb

Vicky Greenstein

William Hagar

Candace Havens

Amanda Heller

Todd Krasnow

Marianne Paley Nadel

Fran Seasholes

Jane Shoplick

David Stein

Andrew R. Stern

Eve Tapper

Terry Wendt

Beth Wilkinson

David Zussman


Warren Brown

Kevin Dutt

Rob Gifford

Jennifer Y. Grams

Ann Hochberg

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